What Varieties of China LED Strip Wholesale Are Available?

LED strips have become a key offering for the Chinese company by now a global front runner in LED technology, with a long list of LED strips for different usages. These accessories come in variants, starting from simpler versions even available for home use, to more sophisticated, professional options, for commercial and industrial purposes. An Overview of Various Types of Chinese Manufacturer Wholesale LED Strips

Standard LED Strips

The most used LED strips are standard. Usually, these use surface-mount device (SMD) light-emitting diodes (LED, first introduced SMD 3528; now newest version is SMD 5050). The numbers after the label tell you the size of the LEDs with 3528 LEDs being 3.5mm by 2.8mm, and 5050 LEDs being 5.0mm by 5.0mm. SMD 5050 LEDs As a rule, brighter than SMD 3528 and may provide RGB or multi-color changing modes.

High-Density LED Strips

High brightness with low spotting, high-density LED strips are common for projects that require intense lighting. The higher amount of LEDs per meter on these strips creates a brighter output with a more uniformly lit line. With densities up to 240 LEDs per meter, you can expect an extremely super bright light which makes it perfect for task lighting and commercial applications.

RGB and RGBW LED Strips

Color changing and dynamic effects are possible because RGB LED strips can reset their color quickly. They use red, green, and blue LED Strips to create almost every color there is. The RGBW strips even include an extra white chip to get pure white light adding up to an overall better color blending and light quality in situations were the ambiance is more important.

Waterproof LED Strips

LED strips that are waterproof are built for outdoor or damp areas. They have an Ingress Protection (IP) rating to describe their degree of protection from dust and water. For example, most of these strips have an IP65 rating but could also have an IP67 or IP68 rating, with the higher number representing a higher level of protection. They are normally covered with a silicone gel or placed in an airtight silicone tube to protect the LEDs from water and dust.

Smart LED Strips

Smart LED strips are new LED technology that consolidates with smart home device. Through integration with home automation systems such as Google Home or Amazon Alexa, which allows for control either via apps, remotes, or voice command, control these strips. Features include adjustable color temperatures, dimmers, and scheduling when the lights turn on or off.

Custom LED Strips

Custom Manufactured LED Strip for Specific Projects This can be custom lengths, specific LED spacing, different color temperatures, power levels, and many more options. This customization gives users the flexibility to create bespoke lighting solutions to suit the exacting demands of their installations.

Selecting The Best LED Strip Light Manufacturer & Supplier

Further, one of the most important aspects when choosing a LED Strip Light Manufacturer & Supplier to source from, is whether or not they offer a specific range of products and the type of LED strip you are looking for. You need to make sure that a product you like is offered by a supplier with the right range of products and the ability to customize their products to meet your unique specifications.

Understanding the variety of LED strips that can be acquired when purchasing from a chinese led strip wholesaler, can help businesses in planning their sourcing strategies in order to obtain the best possible product. LED strips come in a variety of lights and each cater to different needs, offering a solution for something as basic as ambient lighting for a home all the way to a vibrant and color changing commercial display.

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